Drink list

Cask wines as per daily offer.
100ml 25 CZK
250ml (jug) 49 CZK
0,5l 89 CZK
1l 169 CZK
Mulled wine, 0,2l 59 CZK
Little Mulled Man, mulled wine, sirup, vodka, sugar, 0,2l 79 CZK
House wine (bottled)  0,1l, as per daily offer from 45 CZK
Port wine (also known as vinho do Porto), 50/100ml 69/99 CZK
Liquer wine – Moravian wine Šaler, 50/100ml 49/79 CZK
Daughter’s Secret, wine schnaps, 50/100ml (original combination of wine and vodka) 39/79 CZK
Plum brandy Žufánek, 20/40ml (alk.: 50 %, high quality home-made plum brandy from the Protected Landscape Area Bílé Karpaty) 59/89 CZK
Juice, apple or orange, 0,2l 35 CZK
Mattoni, sparkling or gently sparkling water, 0,33l 35 CZK
Filtered water, 0,5l 19 CZK
Coffee 35 CZK
Tea (Sonnentor bio-quality tea: green, black or digestive) 35 CZK
Birell (non-alcoholic beer), 0,5l 35 CZK
Lager beer Kabrón 12° (by local brewery Kočovný Kozi), 0,5l 39 CZK
Pilsen beer, 0,5l 39 CZK

Snacks (home-made specialities)

Pickled camembert, 1/2 portion, slice of bread 35 CZK
Pickled camembert, full portion, slice of bread 65 CZK
Chef`s Delicacy, 1/2 piece home-made pickled cheese, dry sausage (30g), pickled gherkin, slice of bread 59 CZK
Lithuanian cheese, parmesan type, 100g 59 CZK
Dry sausage, 100g 59 CZK
Spanish almonds, 50g 55 CZK
Keshu nuts and peanuts in honey, 100g 55 CZK
Picos – Spanish crackers, 90g 35 CZK
Chips – salted or garlic, 100g 35 CZK
Olives, variety, or olive cocktail (mix of olives and vegetables) 55/59 CZK
Slice of bread with lard or pork rind spread 35 CZK

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